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In this video Wylee describes his twofold mission: to provide meaningful answers to rideshare questions and to teach other drivers how to succeed with their own rideshare business

He outlines some of the key concepts in the books and talks about what it is like to drive for Uber and Lyft

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The Art of Rideshare Driving (135 pages)

The Art of Rideshare Driving eBook is best described using the author's words of how the book came into existence:

"The idea for a book about The Art of Rideshare Driving occurred to me as I was documenting the math required to calculate actual rideshare driving “Take Home Pay”.

As I was gathering this information, I realized that rideshare driving is part science and part art.

I knew in hindsight that my first year or so of being a fulltime rideshare driver had included numerous struggles that had nothing to do with the income I was earning.

It was actually the day-to-day aspects of this very unusual “job” that had made my first year challenging.

I believe The Art of Rideshare Driving will help new and existing drivers avoid or at least deal with the challenges that I faced."


Chapter Listing

  • Introduction - What is the "Gig" economy and why should you care?
  • Get your mind right for rideshare driving
  • Defining your "Why" and "What"
  • Understanding the "Law" of averages
  • Succeeding at rideshare driving
  • First do not harm
  • Day to day stuff
  • Passenger and driver Star Rating system?
  • Rideshare passenger tipping… or not?
  • The front seat of your rideshare driving vehicle
  • Is it your job to "train" rideshare passengers?
  • Using the "Cancel/No Charge" TNC application option
  • More on the passenger pick-up
  • More on shared trips - Lyft Shared & Uber Pool
  • Know when to shut up?
  • Additional trip requests during an active trip
  • Driving in a specific area (of town) and earning before a (personal) appointment
  • Your rideshare driving office essentials
  • Taking care of your ride
  • What can you earn as a rideshare driver - Part One
  • The basics of rideshare driving earnings
  • Drivers don't know where a passenger is going before they pick them up?
  • What can you earn as a rideshare driver - Part Two
  • Surge zone pricing
  • TNC Promotions
  • TNC Bonus offers
  • Additional thoughts about surges, promotions, and bonuses
  • Where will I find my next trips?
  • Living with variable trip earnings - the fishing analogy
  • Rideshare average hourly earnings
  • When to drive?
  • Driving for multiple TNCs simultaneously
  • Multiple income sources
  • No trash talk… zero!
  • Day-to-day practice of working for Uber and Lyft
  • Know when to say "No" - Part One
  • Underage passengers
  • Rude passengers
  • Common customer types…
  • Know when to say "No" - Part Two
  • Rideshare drivers are independent contractors - Drivers control "The ride."
  • Multiple opportunities to say "No"
  • Ending a trip early - "You're outta here!"
  • Drivers personal safety
  • Your achilles heel?
  • Rideshare driver support disclaimer
  • Play with the (TNC) Apps!
  • Be a pro from your first trip!
  • Music
  • Conclusion

The Science of Rideshare Driving (30 pages)

Here's Wylee describing the inspiration for The Science of Rideshare Driving eBook:

"I wrote The Science of Rideshare Driving because I couldn’t find concrete information on this topic when I searched online. 

Sure I found articles, forums, and bloggers talking about rideshare driving earnings and expenses but when these people went into details, my data analyst background made me question the validity of their information.

It seemed that they were mostly making assumptions and drawing conclusions based on their gut feelings instead of doing real research and analysis of their rideshare driving experience.

Believing that other drivers were having my same experience, I set out to provide meaningful answers to the questions that nobody else was answering."


Chapter Listing

  • What you can earn as a rideshare driver
  • Basic realities of rideshare driving
  • Defining your "Why" and "What" for rideshare driving
  • Introduction to calculating rideshare driving expenses
  • Calculating rideshare driving vehicle expenses - A step-by-step guide
  • Calculating the cost of your vehicle
  • What about the rideshare driving rental car programs?
  • Calculating the cost of your vehicle - A vehicle you own
  • Calculating vehicle cost - additional examples
  • Calculating vehicle cost - New cars and passenger trucks
  • Rideshare vehicle expense per mile - All the math in one place
  • Monthly expenses
  • How much can you make rideshare driving? - Part One
  • How much can you make rideshare driving? - Part Two
  • Examples from my (the author) rideshare driving history
  • Summary

Rideshare Earnings Case Study

If you want to know how much you can really make as an Uber or Lyft driver, this real-world case study is priceless information!

This detailed information is not available anywhere else on the web!

No other rideshare driver has accurately compiled their results like Wylee has.

The study is the result of Wylee's own search for information about rideshare driving.

As he searched for meaningful rideshare information online he was continually disappointed to find only vague and general "answers" that didn't really answer his questions.

Using his analytical nature and extensive background as a data analyst, Wylee set out to answer his own questions.

He accurately tracked his earnings and expenses in a spreadsheet and summarized his results on a daily and weekly basis.

The result is a full year's worth of Wylee's daily driving experience and the money he earned.

The case study includes three major sections:

  • Weekly earnings summary
  • Daily earnings details
  • Daily earnings - passenger tipping increases

This information is invaluable to both new and established drivers.

The RideshareGuide Team guarantees that you will not find this information anywhere else on the web.

We are so confident of that statement that we back all eBook sales with a full 60 day money-back guarantee.

The Art & Science of Rideshare Driving


The Rideshare Earnings Case Study

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