Signup Bonuses & Mentoring Programs

Signup Bonuses

New drivers who sign up to drive for Uber or Lyft using the Driver Referral ID of an active driver are eligible to receive a bonus after completing a defined number of trips

The dollar amount of the bonus and the specific requirements for earning the bonus are set by Uber and Lyft based on your geographic location

bonuses are available for Uber and Lyft

Mentoring Programs

Before you signup to drive for Uber or Lyft, you can schedule a 10 minute phone call with Wylee and he will help guide you through the signup process

RideshareGuide has mentoring programs for both new and existing drivers

Bonus Amount

The bonuses offered by Uber and Lyft vary based on your location.

To determine the specific bonuses you are eligible for, schedule a discovery call with Wylee.

With the Rideshare Business Guide's Mentoring Program and the ground-breaking books, you truly have a "business in a box" opportunity right here and right now

Rideshare driving can provide meaningful income for you whether you want to drive full-time or part-time

We encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity if you think it might be a good fit for you

If you have questions for Wylee, schedule a quick Discovery Call and he will be happy to speak with you

Signup Bonus Details

Mentoring from an experienced Uber and Lyft driver could be the key to success with your own rideshare driving small business.

Rideshare Driving Expert Wylee Post

Wylee Post (over 9,000 lifetime trips)  is the driving expert for The RideshareGuide.

He offers mentoring programs for both new and existing drivers.

Wylee's direct one-on-one support will catapult your new rideshare driving business straight to success or help you create the quantum leap your existing business deserves.

Wylee will help you understand your rideshare driving business and how to maximize its potential.

He provides direct support for any questions your have during your journey as a rideshare driver.

Free Mentoring Program

New rideshare drivers with Uber or Lyft (or both) who use Wylee Post’s Driver Referral ID number when they sign up are entitled to 90 days of free mentoring delivered by Wylee.

If the new driver completes the Uber/Lyft requirements the new driver will receive a bonus from Lyft/Uber.

Mentoring Availability

Wylee is available during his office hours for live phone conversations. In most cases, however, mentoring will be delivered through one-on-one communications via email and text messaging.

Participants in The RideshareGuide's Mentoring programs receive priority responses and insider pro tips to their rideshare driving questions and requests for advice.

Wylee answer all questions sent to

Wylee's Incentive

The Driver Referral programs offered by Uber and Lyft pay both the new driver and the referring active driver (Wylee) a monetary bonus after the new driver completes the bonus offer requirements.

This means that Wylee is incentivized by the TNCs to do everything he can to insure that drivers in RideshareGuide’s Free Mentoring program are successful.

Paid Mentoring Program

After new drivers complete the 90 day free mentoring program, they have the choice to join the paid mentoring program.

The paid mentoring program is open to all drivers, whether new or existing.

Having access to an expert Lyft & Uber driver whenever you need advice could take your rideshare driving business to the next level.

Schedule a Call

If you think one of RideshareGuide’s Mentoring Programs may be right for you, schedule a free 10 minute live phone call with Wylee by clicking here.


The RideshareGuide Mentor Program is designed to support new drivers as they come up to speed and is not intended to be a replacement for the support services offered by Uber/Lyft.

Wylee Post is not an employee of either Uber or Lyft. He is a successful small business owner choosing to use Uber and Lyft as the transportation network companies (TNCs) for his rideshare driving business.