Requirements to Become an Uber Rideshare Driver

In this brief video Wylee introduces himself and describes how he started driving for Uber and Lyft

In addition to his 9,000+ completed trips, Wylee describes how he is uniquely qualified for his role as

The Accidental Rideshare Expert

The RideshareGuide

The RideshareGuide is dedicated to teaching you how to become an Uber driver and create meaningful full-time or part-time ridesharing income

Why the focus on Uber, you ask?

OK, let's talk money: Uber controls at least 70% of the rideshare market in most major cities

That means when passengers are looking for a ride, 70% of them are specifically looking for an Uber ride

If you want to earn maximum income as a rideshare driver you need to drive for the Transportation Network Company (TNC) that controls the market in your local area - in most cases that will be Uber

Now don't get offended if you are mainly interested in Lyft, or perhaps Carma - or maybe you live in Austin, TX and you're considering driving for RideAustin - we are here to serve everyone

In fact, many Uber drivers decide to join Lyft after they get started with Uber

Our own driving expert, Wylee Post, followed that path - he has been driving full-time for both Uber and Lyft for over 2 years now

The RideshareGuide is here to support you and your rideshare business regardless of which TNC you are interested in - we have relevant experience to share and we know how to communicate it effectively

If you are serious about succeeding as a new Uber driver or want to take your existing rideshare business to the next level, you are in the right place

We can help you determine if your existing vehicle meets Uber requirements and discuss the pros & cons of renting or leasing a rideshare vehicle

Driver requirements at the TNCs are straightforward - 21 year of age, licensed to drive, in-state driver's license & insurance - your name must be listed on the insurance policy - refer to the Become An Uber Driver page for the details in your specific location

That covers the logistics of becoming an Uber driver - it's basically two simple questions:

Am I qualified to drive?

Do I have an appropriate vehicle?


But you actually have more questions than that, don't you?

Wylee certainly did when he was considering driving for Uber

Before you jump into the application process with one of the TNCs you want to get your questions answered:

How much money can I make driving for Uber in my city?

What kind of insurance will I need?

How do I convince my significant other?

Does rideshare driving make sense for me?


Those questions are exactly why the RideshareGuide exists

Wylee has discovered the answers to those questions and many more - and his background as a corporate trainer makes him uniquely qualified to mentor other drivers

Because rideshare drivers are independent contractors and not employees of the TNCs, the TNCs are not able to tell drivers how to do their work, much less provide an employee manual

Uber can specify vehicle requirements and driver qualifications but they can't tell drivers what clothing to wear, how to groom their hair, how to speak to passengers, etc.

This hands-off approach by the TNCs is required by contract law but unfortunately, it makes it quite challenging for drivers to succeed in what should be a fairly straightforward business

While he was considering the possibility of becoming a rideshare driver, Wylee searched exhaustively for information online about how to succeed with Uber and Lyft but his searching was mostly in vain

The key question for Wylee, and probably for anyone researching the rideshare industry was, "How much money can I make?"

You would think that such an obvious question could easily be answered in the current internet environment where answers to just about any question are readily available

Instead of answers, however, Wylee found generalities and vague guesses about the income potential of driving for the TNCs

The Accidental Rideshare Driving Expert

With his pragmatic approach to most things in life and his professional background as a data analyst, Wylee set out to find his own answers

He signed up with both Uber and Lyft and began carefully compiling his earnings and expenses while performing in-depth analysis of how to maximize his income

Wylee determined for himself what times of day were best for driving, whether to stay close to home waiting for passengers or head into the city where rides were more plentiful

Most importantly, he learned how to track his earnings and expenses, including allowances for vehicle repairs, taxes, and eventual vehicle replacement

This detailed accounting allowed Wylee to know without a doubt how much actual take-home pay he was earning

Wylee became an Uber driver just to pay his bills, he wasn't setting out to master rideshare driving

After more than two years of driving full-time for Uber and Lyft, however, with over 9,000 trips completed, Wylee has become an expert on the rideshare industry and he is quite passionate about the subject

He has compiled his extensive knowledge into two cutting-edge books about ridesharing and he provides insightful commentary on the exploding rideshare phenomena in his blog

The RideshareGuide is the result of Wylee's zeal and his desire to help other drivers catapult to the same level of success that he is currently experiencing

Resources on the Website

for Becoming a Rideshare Driver for Uber or Lyft

On this website, you will find extensive resources that are intended to provide meaningful answers to all of your rideshare questions

Wylee is dedicated to your success and wants to help you succeed as a driver for one of the TNCs

To help both new and existing drivers maximize their income while rideshare driving, Wylee has compiled his extensive knowledge into two state-of-the-art eBooks and he has made a commitment to providing mentoring for both new and existing drivers

Wylee keeps drivers abreast of current rideshare news in The Accidental Rideshare Expert Blog, where he makes sense of the ever-evolving rideshare industry  

Welcome to the RideshareGuide! We are glad to have you aboard!

~ the RSG Team

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