About RideshareGuide

Wylee began to drive for Uber and Lyft in 2016 and became The Accidental Rideshare Expert after completing more than 9,000 rides

In this short video Wylee introduces himself and shares some of his background 

The RideshareGuide

The RideshareGuide is a website dedicated to helping new and existing rideshare drivers find meaningful answers to their rideshare driving questions.

Rideshare driving for Uber, Lyft, Taxify, and the other TNCs (Transportation Network Company) is one of the most promising income opportunities in the new “Gig Economy” however the founder of the RideshareGuide website, Wylee Post, says:

If rideshare driving is such a great gig then why do 50% of new drivers quit the ‘gig’ less than 30 days after their first trip as a rideshare driver? After 90 days 75% of new drivers have stopped driving and at the end of a year 90% of new drivers have stopped being a rideshare driver!

The Blog

The Accidental Rideshare Expert Blog is dedicated to drivers and in his blog posts Wylee makes simple sense of the rideshare industry news articles and related topics that Wylee believes every new driver should understand.

At first, Wylee was not excited about becoming an internet blogger. However, he had so much to say about the rideshare industry as it relates to being an active rideshare driver, that the team at RideshareGuide provided encouragement for him to share his views with a wider audience (frankly he was driving us all a little crazy – his passion for the topic of rideshare driving is obvious).

The Expert

Wylee also didn’t want to call himself an “expert” on the rideshare industry but again, with encouragement from the team at RideshareGuide, Wylee reluctantly accepted the fact that he understands the rideshare industry at least as well as other “experts” in the field and his unique work background and pragmatic approach to everything he does makes Wylee a fresh “voice” in the rideshare driving phenomena… the RideshareGuide team convinced Wylee that new and existing drivers need the opportunity to hear what he has to say, we (the team at RideshareGuide) convinced Wylee to become The Accidental Rideshare Expert blogger.

The Mentoring Programs

The Free Mentoring Program promoted on the RideshareGuide website was established because of Wylee’s belief that new drivers signing up to drive with Uber and Lyft should get something of value when they sign up using an active driver’s Driver Referral ID.

Other rideshare driving bloggers and “experts” encourage drivers to use their Driver Referral ID when they become new drivers but Wylee says: “Why should these online bloggers and ‘experts’ earn a referral bonus without providing something of real value in return?

With RideshareGuide’s Free Mentoring Program Wylee personally provides one-on-one mentoring for new drivers because he wants new drivers to avoid or work through the struggles that he encountered as a new driver. Wylee’s ultimate goal is to have every new driver succeed, or if they choose to stop rideshare driving someday, they make that choice because stopping makes sense to them. Wylee doesn’t want anyone to feel like rideshare driving was just too difficult, and that was why they gave up. Again, Wylee drove us a little nutty on this topic but the drop-out statistics in the rideshare industry are amazing, to say the least.

More About The RideshareGuide

Again, the most important thing to understand about the RideshareGuide is that Wylee Post and the RideshareGuide team are devoted to providing meaningful answers to rideshare driving questions and helping new and existing drivers be successful running their personal rideshare driving small businesses.

Wylee insists on personally answering every question posed to RideshareGuide (questions@rideshareguide.net) and while the team at RideshareGuide may believe Wylee is a little nutty, we also believe Wylee clearly understands what it takes to be a successful driver. He fully comprehends and is able to articulate what drivers need to know about the current and future big picture topics and trends in the rideshare industry. During the development of the RideshareGuide this team witnessed Wylee’s dedication to excellence… and we became believers too!

~The RideshareGuide team.

Here's Wylee:

When I started the inordinate amount of work that went into developing the content for the Rideshare Business Guide website; writing two books on rideshare driving; offering myself as a mentor for new drivers; and my reluctant but as it turns out impossible to resist entry into my internet blogging role as The Accidental Rideshare Expert I had no idea how much work would be involved!

I thought about something my father told me in my early twenties: Dad said that from his point of view I had always accomplished everything I put my mind to… I know I earned two college degrees and graduated with high academic honors while working fulltime hours, I don’t know how I accomplished that… except to say I decided I would get it done and I did. The same holds true for The RideshareGuide - in the past two plus years I’ve worked fulltime hours as a rideshare driver while doing the work to make The RideshareGuide a reality." ~ Y

When you are ready to start rideshare driving checkout the free RideshareGuide Mentoring Program

New drivers signing up with Uber and Lyft can use Wylee's Driver Referral ID and get free personal mentoring for the first 90 days of their rideshare driving business

You can also schedule a quick Discovery Call with Wylee and ask him your specific questions

The RideshareGuide is a for-profit venture but Wylee insists that everything offered, promoted or connected to the RideshareGuide has a very high level of integrity and quality. We (the team) do our best to live up to Wylee’s expectations of excellence. If you have suggestions for how we can improve, please let us know. Contact us at team@rideshare.net and we will gladly receive your feedback.